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Pre-Course Counselling Checklist

1. Course duration, structure, intakes, assessment, entry requirements, modules and outlines:
Entry Requirements
Pre-K to KG 2
Grade 1 to Grade 5
Grade 6 to Grade 10
Grade 11 to Grade 12
Admission process

1. Promotion and Award Criteria, including type of certificate awarded, further education / graduate opportunities
2. Facilities and infrastructure
3. Opening hours, location
4. Admission procedures and documents
5. Full application checklist
6. Student Pass application and procedures
7. Minimum requirement of 90% attendance for STP, 75% for local students
8. Refund, withdrawal and transfer policies
9. Student Support Services that are available

Fee Schedule and Payment Mode
1. Non-refundable and non-transferable application / registration fee
2. Course fees, payment schedule and other miscellaneous fees payable
3. Methods of payment
4. Payment only can be made after the Student Contract has been duly signed
Fee Protection Scheme, Medical Insurance Scheme and Student Contract

School Information
1. School location
2. School Contact

Reference to CPE’s Website
CPE’s Website

International Students
1. Student Pass application requirements and procedures
2. Relevant Singapore Laws (immigration, driving, drugs, alcohol abuse, employment smoking, traffic
and littering, etc)
3. Living in Singapore (Accommodation, Cost of Living, etc)
4. Working in Singapore

Student Pass holder aged 14 years and above can work during vacation without a work pass as
GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is an approved institution under the Ministry of Manpower

Student pass holders are NOT allowed to work during school term or engage in any form of
employment without a valid work pass issued by the Ministry of

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Student’s Name (as in passport)
IMPORTANT! This will be the names printed on all official documents and reports. Please do not enter nicknames or non-formal names.

(As per passport)

(As per passport)

(As per passport)

If different from first name

Upload New Photo?

IMPORTANT: This photograph will be used for your child’s student ID card. The photo must be a passport style photo with a white background, taken within the last 3 months.

AY2020-2021 = 11 Aug 2020 to 18 June 2021

Nationality & Immigration Status

Please note if your child is Singaporean (single or dual-nationality) applying for P1 and above, we will need to seek Ministry of Education approval to study at an international school. The Admissions team will help you with this application.

All foreign children under 12 years old applying for an immigration pass are required to have their vaccination record verified by the Health Promotion Board. This process takes 20 working days.

Please note Student’s Pass applications take up to 8 weeks to be approved by the Immigration Checkpoint Authority of Singapore.

GEMS World Academy cannot sponsor parents to stay in Singapore and children on a Student’s Pass cannot sponsor parents either

Please submit a copy of your immigration status (EP, DP, Student Pass, etc.) front and back copies . This documents has to be submitted prior start of school.
It is a legal requirement for all students. The IPA is not valid and will not be accepted.

If you have not been issued a Foreign Identification number (FIN) from the Ministry of Manpower, please type IPA in the required field.

Educational History
Current School
Previous School
Language Details
Language Aquistion

We do our best to accommodate your language acquisition preference, from time to time, some classes may not be available. If your child requires English support, please choose ( EAL).